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Helper functions

There are some functions that don't quite fit into another topic. They will be referenced as helper.X in other topics

Retrieving the Owner ID#

If you have the public key of a wallet you can determine the ownerID


func OwnerIDFromPrivateKey(key *ecdsa.PrivateKey) (*owner.ID, error) {    return OwnerIDFromPublicKey(&key.PublicKey)}
func OwnerIDFromPublicKey(key *ecdsa.PublicKey) (*owner.ID, error) {    return owner.NewIDFromPublicKey(key), nil}

Convert String to Uin160#

Convert a string format Neo (3) address into a uint160. This is the format required for making transfers

// StringToUint160 attempts to decode the given NEO address string// into an Uint160.const NEO3Prefix byte = 0x35func StringToUint160(s string) (u util.Uint160, err error) {    b, err := base58.CheckDecode(s)    if err != nil {        return u, err    }    if b[0] != NEO3Prefix {        return u, errors.New("wrong address prefix")    }    return util.Uint160DecodeBytesBE(b[1:21])}

Get credentials from path#

This returns the private key, which anything can be derived from, with regards to a wallet

// GetCredentialsFromPath retrieves the private key from a wallet file func GetCredentialsFromPath(path, address, password string) (*ecdsa.PrivateKey, error) {w, err := wallet.NewWalletFromFile(path)if err != nil {    return nil, fmt.Errorf("can't read the wallet: %walletPath", err)}
var (    err  error)addr := w.GetChangeAddress() //default address
acc := w.GetAccount(addr)if acc == nil {    return nil, fmt.Errorf("invalid wallet address %s: %w", addrStr, err)}
if err := acc.Decrypt(password, keys.NEP2ScryptParams()); err != nil {    return nil, errors.New("[decrypt] invalid password - " + err.Error())}
return &acc.PrivateKey().PrivateKey, nil

Calculate Epochs#

This is a very simple estimation of calculating the total amount of epochs at at some point in the future

func CalculateEpochsForTime(currentEpoch uint64, durationInSeconds , msPerEpoch int64) uint64 {    durationInEpochs := durationInSeconds/(msPerEpoch/1000) //in seconds    return currentEpoch + uint64(durationInEpochs) // (estimate)}