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traverseiterator Method

Gets the Iterator value from session and Iterator id returned by invokefunction or invokescript .


  • This method queries Iterator type data and does not affect the blockchain data.
  • You must install the plugin RpcServer before you can invoke the method.
  • Before you can use the method, make sure that the SessionEnabled value in config.json of the plugin RpcServer is true, and you have obtained Iterator id and session by invoking invokefunction or invokescript.


  • session: Cache id. It is session returned by invokefunction or invokescript .
  • iterator id: Iterator data id. It is the id of stack returned by invokefunction or invokescript.
  • count: The number of values returned. It cannot exceed the value of the MaxIteratorResultItems field in config.json of the RpcServer plug-in.


The validity of the session and iterator id is set by SessionExpirationTime in the config.json file of the RpcServer plug-in, in seconds.


Request body:

{  "jsonrpc": "2.0",  "id": 1,  "method": "traverseiterator",  "params": [    "c5b628b6-10d9-4cc5-b850-3cfc0b659fcf",    "593b02c6-138d-4945-846d-1e5974091daa",    10  ]}

Response body:

{    "jsonrpc": "2.0",    "id": 1,    "result": [        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AAUPmAOGDBtFrjhmByyKoaxgy9LvzyEh8qUiEU1gxTE="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "ABX1SHTkVThVWpKlyFr3OO8swQXWfnRuqw99TTvi2UU="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "ACj/5pqjP2Mko/2c0GSUKxkJlIyC3cwUbgETEZ5+5YI="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AF16dMuw8CAZBr/sgdJnW8XWrDDDxifHsa8myh+zsD0="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AF9luS6mW+nVUNwwlkKqqRLjgoXaIlk98NuhzLTZ2sI="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AHg1cOvi+r1ORjQcs9VD5bpBDCFtpzp/G4g0BMfsneo="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AM9ZDm7y7R4M5AicSk06sRv+AEmRPToxjoiHo5aeCfo="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AOqjq4sfaUcMBtXWVHKh6HqXZA3bOSiNc1VjIEi1auY="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "AOsx7QOiuKZCB2bFBR1s/SjJnfvdbyVvC5ZvaTCFe2U="        },        {            "type": "ByteString",            "value": "APHR02jt/M9nkLF9z+5yRnRE8efjVhMvjIjDHAQeGV0="        }    ]}

Response Description:

The result is the first count of data traversed in the Iterator, and follow-up requests will continue traversing from count + 1.