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The Go SDK is the basis of all the functionality that is available to you as a developer with regards to NeoFS.

the Neo-Go package offers all the functionalities that you will require to interact with the Neo blockchain and wallets


The SDK is responsible for providing functionality to interact with NeoFS itself via gRPC requests. You will need the SDK for such things as:

  • creating, retrieving, deleting containers
  • creating, updating, retrieving, deleting objects
  • creating basic and extended ACL rules for containers
find it here#

Neo-Go library#

General interaction with NeoFS doesn't require Neo-Go however invariably you will need to manage wallets or use cryptographic functions that are required while setting permissions throughout the NeoFS system.

find it here#


Sometimes there will be throughout the tutorials the need to reuse functions from elsewhere. These are stored in the Helpers tutorial and will be useful functions to have available within your projects


See Helpers, whenever you see helper. in a code sample

Neo FS local environment#

You can clone the repository so that you can start NeoFS locally, this may be beneficial for education reasons or perhaps to run integration tests against a local NeoFS