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ByteStringEncapsulation for Byte Array
ECPointRepresents a (X,Y) coordinate pair for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) structures
ExecutionEngineRepresents the VM used to execute the script
ListSimilar to List in .net
MapSimilar to Dictionary in .net
Nep11TokenAbstraction class for NFT asset
Nep17TokenAbstraction class for digital asset

Extension method#

ToByteString- Converts byte to byte[] considering the byte as a BigInteger (0x00 at the end).
- Converts sbyte to byte[].
- Converts string to byte[]. Examples: "hello" -> [0x68656c6c6f]; "" -> []; "Neo" -> [0x4e656f]
- Converts byte[] to string. Examples: [0x68656c6c6f] -> "hello"; [] -> ""; [0x4e656f] -> "Neo"
WithinReturns true if a <= x && x < b. Examples: x=5 a=5 b=15 is true; x=15 a=5 b=15 is false
ConcatConcatenates two byte arrays
RangeCopies the subarray, starting from the specified position and having the specified length
TakeReturns a specified number of contiguous elements from the start of a sequence
LastReturns a specified number of contiguous elements from the last of a sequence
ReverseReverses the order of the elements
SqrtCalculates the square root


ContractParameterTypeRepresents the parameter type of contract
OpCodeUnderlying types, which developers can ignore
StackItemTypeUnderlying types, which developers can ignore