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Interoperable service

This article lists the interoperable service in Neo N3.

The Interoperable service is the underlying API of the system. For more information on how to use the framework to easily call APIs in high-level languages, see Smart Contracts Framework.


System.Contract.CallUse it to call another contract dynamically.
System.Contract.GetCallFlagsGets the CallFlags for the current context
System.Contract.CreateStandardAccountCalculates corresponding account scripthash for the given public key
System.Contract.CreateMultisigAccountCreates the script hash of multi-signed account using public key.


System.Crypto.CheckSigChecks the signature for the current script container
System.Crypto.CheckMultisigChecks the signatures for the current script container


System.Iterator.NextAdvances the iterator to the next element of the collection
System.Iterator.ValuesGets the element in the collection at the current position of the iterator


System.Runtime.PlatformGets the name of the current platform
System.Runtime.GetTriggerGets the trigger of the execution
System.Runtime.GetTimeGets the timestamp of the current block
System.Runtime.GetScriptContainerGets the current script container
System.Runtime.GetExecutingScriptHashGets the script hash of the current context
System.Runtime.GetCallingScriptHashGets the script hash of the calling contract
System.Runtime.GetEntryScriptHashGets the script hash of the entry context
System.Runtime.CheckWitnessDetermines whether the specified account has witnessed the current transaction
System.Runtime.GetInvocationCounterGets the number of times the current contract has been called during the execution
System.Runtime.LogWrites a log
System.Runtime.GetNotificationsGets the notifications sent by the specified contract during the execution
System.Runtime.GasLeftGets the remaining GAS that can be spent in order to complete the execution
System.Runtime.BurnGasBurning GAS to benefit the Neo ecosystem
System.Runtime.GetNetworkGets the current network number
System.Runtime.GetRandomGets random number


System.Storage.GetContextGets the storage context for the current contract
System.Storage.GetReadOnlyContextGets the read-only storage context for the current contract
System.StorageContext.AsReadOnlyConverts the specified storage context to a new read-only storage context
System.Storage.GetGets the entry with the specified key from the storage
System.Storage.FindFinds the entries from the storage
System.Storage.PutPuts a new entry into the storage
System.Storage.DeleteDeletes an entry from the storage