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Contract.Call Method

Invokes the contract.

Namespace: Neo.SmartContract.Framework.Services

Assembly: Neo.SmartContract.Framework


public static extern object Call(UInt160 scriptHash, string method, object[] arguments)


  • scriptHash: The contract script hash
  • method: The contract method
  • arguments: The contract method arguments


public class Contract1 : SmartContract {     delegate object Dyncall(string method, object[] args);
     //0x230cf5ef1e1bd411c7733fa92bb6f9c39714f8f9 in little endian order     //HexToBytes()、ToScriptHash() can only operate on constants and cannot be written in the Main method     //scriptHash can be modified to be passed in from the parameter or read from storage     static UInt160 ScriptHash = "NXsG3zwpwcfvBiA3bNMx6mWZGEro9ZqTqM".ToScriptHash();
     public static object Test(string operation, object[] args)     {         if (operation == "name")         {             return Contract.Call((UInt160)ScriptHash, "name", new object[0]);         }         if (operation == "totalSupply")         {             return Contract.Call(ScriptHash, "totalSupply", new object[0]);         }         return true;     } }