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How to transfer NFT using PROPS's SDK

Apisit ·  · One min read

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to transfer any NFT on the Neo blockchain using Props's SDK.



//import these two libsimport * as PropsSDK from '@cityofzion/props'import Neon from "@cityofzion/neon-js";

//Code part to make a transfertry {    const fromAccount = Neon.create.account("PUT YOUR WIF HERE")    const node = Neon.create.rpcClient('')    const assetHash = "" //smart contract hash    const toAddress = "" //N3 address    const tokenID = "" //A token Id of the NFT you want to transfer    const res = await PropsSDK.api.PuppetAPI.transfer(        node.url,        Neon.CONST.MAGIC_NUMBER.MainNet, //change this to match the network you are using.        assetHash,        toAddress,        tokenId,        fromAccount    )    console.log(res) //The response is published transaction ID.} catch (e) {    console.log(e)}