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How to transfer Neo, Gas or any NEP-17 token using neon-js

Apisit ·  · One min read

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to transfer any Nep-17 token on the Neo blockchain using neon-js



import { default as Neon, sc } from "@cityofzion/neon-js";
const GAS = '0xd2a4cff31913016155e38e474a2c06d08be276cf' //GAS Contract. You can replace this with any NEP-17 compatible smart contract.const networkMagic = Neon.CONST.MAGIC_NUMBER.MainNet // Using mainnetconst rpcAddress = "" // You can find reliable node here -> fromAccount = Neon.create.account("WIF HERE") // You can create your account with a WIF.const toAddress = "NQx4coq2SUdEti7USwL4J6GSggmefGGNt8" const contract = new Neon.experimental.SmartContract(Neon.u.HexString.fromHex(GAS),    {    networkMagic,    rpcAddress,    account    })
const data = null;const amount = 1 * Math.pow(10,8) // We are trasferring 1 GASconst operation = "transfer"const params = [    sc.ContractParam.hash160(fromAccount.address),    sc.ContractParam.hash160(toAddress),    sc.ContractParam.integer(amount),    sc.ContractParam.any(null)]
let result;try {    const txHash = await contract.invoke(operation, params);    console.log(txHash) //this is a transaction ID} catch (e) {       console.log(e);}