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getnep17balances Method

Returns the balance of all NEP17 assets in the specified address.


You must install the plugin TokensTracker, LevelDBStore, and RpcSever before you can invoke the method.

Parameter Description#

address: The address that you want to query balance.


Before invoking the method, you need to modify the following fields in the TokensTracker config.json file:

  • MaxResults: The maximum number of records. The exceeding portion will not be stored.
  • Network: Set it to the same value as Network in Neo-CLI config.json.


Request body:

{  "jsonrpc": "2.0",  "method": "getnep17balances",  "params": ["NgaiKFjurmNmiRzDRQGs44yzByXuSkdGPF"],  "id": 1}

Response body:

{    "jsonrpc": "2.0",    "id": 1,    "result": {        "balance": [            {                "assethash": "0x70e2301955bf1e74cbb31d18c2f96972abadb328",                "amount": "3000000100000000",                "lastupdatedblock": 2            },            {                "assethash": "0xf61eebf573ea36593fd43aa150c055ad7906ab83",                "amount": "99999900",                "lastupdatedblock": 2            }        ],        "address": "NgaiKFjurmNmiRzDRQGs44yzByXuSkdGPF"    }}
  • Only when your client synchronizes to the block that the contract was deployed, execution of this API will return the correct value, otherwise execution of the API will result in an error.

  • When the input parameter is a script hash of a non-NEP17 smart contract, execution of the API will result in an error.

  • Make sure your client has been fully synchronized to the latest block height before using this API, otherwise the balance returned may not be up-to-date.