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openwallet Method

Opens the specified wallet file. To be on the safe side this method is disabled by default. If you do need to use this method you can manually enable this method in the RpcServer configuration file.


You must install the plugin RpcServer before you can invoke this method.

Parameter Description#

  • path: The wallet file path
  • password: In plain text.


Request body:

{  "jsonrpc": "2.0",  "method": "openwallet",  "params": ["11.db3", "1"],  "id": 1}

Response body:

{    "jsonrpc": "2.0",    "id": 1,    "result": true}

Response description:

true: The wallet is opened.

Others: The wallet cannot be opened.

If Access denied is returned this is because openwallet is disabled. To enable it, you can remove openwallet in the field DisabledMethods in RpcServer config.json.